Book Two of the Cordelian Chronicles, Fractured Aspects, is out now!

Click here to find out how to buy the books at your favorite retailer.

Here’s the video for my official book launch:

Also! My daughter has a podcast!

The Cordelian Chronicles is the name of Waugh Wright’s first book series of young adult science fiction novels, with the first book, Aspects, Bright and Fair, out now and Fractured Aspects coming soon. It follows the adventures of Joni and her best friend Kelly, two Philadelphia teenagers who discover that their world is but one of many extending in bubbles all around them. The two friends soon find themselves hunted and chased from world to world. They steal cars in a futuristic, gang-infested underground city, repel invaders in a tiny medieval-like kingdom, and duck gunfire at a chilidog stand on the Sunset Strip. They meet assassins and spies, earls and innkeepers, many of whom believe that Joni is the latest of the Cordelians, extraordinary young women who many times have helped turn the course of history. Joni must decide if she believes this too, and how much she is willing to sacrifice to save these newly found worlds.

On this site you will find  information about Joni, Kelly, and all the different characters (plus animals and worlds) from the ebulli, as well as publication dates, author events, special deals, and contests. If you are looking for information about my middle grade space opera novel, Nick Tedder and the Spaceship Portia, please come back later for a link to its site.

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