Size: Zero square kilometers or perhaps more. Possibly less.
Population: Zero permanent (presumed).
Capital: N/A.
History: If it exists at all in a physical sense Ardea’s ebullus might be considered one of the Dreamworlds. The leading theories about Dreamworlds are as follows:

  • Dreamworlds do not exist.
  • There are many different Dreamworlds.
  • Apparently different Dreamworlds are merely different facets of a single Dreamworld.
  • All worlds are Dreamworlds.

However, Ardea is probably not a world at all and, if it existed, it would most certainly not be named Ardea after its quondam gatekeeper. Nonetheless, Joni and Alejandro were there.

Famous Figures from Ardea: Ardea, David Bowie (presumed).

Canyon (2)

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