Size: 460 thousand square kilometers, 44% water.
Population: 160,000 humans.
Capital: Stanfelt.
History: The current population is descended from survivors of the Battle of Maldon, Ebullus Earth 991 AD. After or near the end of the battle (which was fought between invading Vikings and the defending English), a group of warriors and attendants from both sides passed through a gate into a new and empty land. However, there is substantial archaeological evidence of previous occupants which has yet to be studied, as Avalon was only recently “discovered” by other ebulli.

Any rumors that this is the original “Avalon” of Arthurian legends, known to Earth and other ebulli, should be discarded as just that, rumors. Avalon is thought to have received its name in error or perhaps in homage to the legends of the first known inhabitants, as discussed above.

Famous Figures from Avalon: Brithwine Wulfstyn the Bear, the Truculent Hag of Fawnskin.

From The Cordelian Chronicles:

“Yes,” Alejandro added. “Where are we? It seems that you are familiar with the ebulli. Which bubble is this?”

“Avalon, my brother! Did I not tell you?”

“You said Avalon is the name of the land, but what ebullus is it within?”

“Avalon is the ebullus itself! A fortnight ride in any direction will bring you home again. We were a hidden bubble till twenty years ago and remain mostly so today, but I think, by the damsel’s expression, that she has heard of us.”

“Maybe,” Joni answered, trying to figure out if “damsel” was sexist, but deciding she could let it slide. “But I thought it was all myth and stories, Knights of the Round Table and all that stuff.”

“And so it was to my people when my forebears first came into this land and established the earldom. They believed themselves transported to some legendary realm found in their island’s tales. They soon learned their mistake, but the name remained. “

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