Size: 510 million square kilometers, 70% water.
Population: 7 billion humans, 2 million cartogids (estimated).
Capital: Ebullus Earth contains over 165 independent nations, most of which have their own capital. The capitals of the five largest nations are Beijing (China), New Dehli (India), Washington D.C. (United States of America), Jakarta (Indonesia), and Brasillia (Brazil).
History: Earth remains a leading contender for the original cultural ebullus, the source for most human cultures across the ebullum. There is direct historical evidence for well over ten millenia and there have been many known migrations of peoples from Earth to other ebulli. However, Earth has always been harder to travel to than to leave and it remains a contract bubble, with no official rights with Lengle or other trans-ebullic authorities.
Famous Figures from Earth: Moses, William Shakespeare, Mahtma Ghandi, Blind Willie Johnson, Sandy Koufax, and the Kardashian Clan.

From The Cordelian Chronicles:

Menlo took up the explanation, “Whether or not your world is the original one, you have had an influence on many other ebulli, but there has been little influx to you. I know the… the…”

He looked at Darl. “Who am I thinking of? Thousands of years ago.”

“The Celts,” Darl answered.

“Yes, the Celts. They went back and forth a good deal. However, their portals were jealously guarded. And your world had a bit too much of the… fundamentalism. The zealotry… I’m saying this wrong. Your world tends to be, shall we say, reactionary. When otherworlders popped up out of nowhere they were often killed on sight. That’s one of the reasons the Ebulli Council cordoned off your world, at least for open trade. You officially have an advocate on the Council. You weren’t the only bubble to be shut off, but you are the largest one. By several orders of magnitude.”

“Which is absurd!” shouted Darl. “Why continue the restriction? Even when Menlo and I get clearance to enter to clean up all the crap that’s coming through, we still have to be completely hidden. How will they ever be ready to join modern society if they continue to be mollycoddled…”

Espana 2008 247

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