Griffin Drawing, Martin Schongauer (German, Colmar ca. 1435/50–1491 Breisach)
In the 1400’s no one knew what griffins really looked like.

Taxonomic Class: Contested (Mammal/Aves Chimera).
Location: Disputed. The two leading theories on griffins are that they are found in all ebulli or that they originated from “outside” the ebulli in non-space.
Habitat: Unknown.
Size: Varies. Observed at 3 to 7 meters.
Diet: Unknown.

Originally considered mythical in nature, griffins have been observed in a variety of settings in recent decades, although the majority of the analyses have been contradictory, if not entirely paradoxical.

SPOILER ALERT FROM BOOK TWO OF The Cordelian Chronicles, Fractured Aspects:

Now, the ambassador knew as well as you or I do (so Menlo said) that griffins are a tricky lot to deal with. They tend to be mostly legendary (and therefore hard to get rid of) and when they are real, they are very territorial. Many of the foremost experts on griffins believe them to be extra-ebullic in origin. That is to say, from outside the ebulli themselves. This may explain their supposed abilities to bend the very fabric of the bubbles. The foremost experts on ebullic cosmology say this is nonsense and that there is nothing outside the ebulli, in fact, not even nothing. Since the only griffins in recent times inhabited bubbles where the physical laws of the universe were dicey to begin with, this argument produced no fruitful results.

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