Taxonomic Class: Exotic.
Location: Ebullus Grimaldi.
Habitat: Grasslands, chaparral.
Size: Ten to 15 meters tall at adulthood, body generally 4 to 5 meters across.
Diet: Primarily leaves of bushes and trees as an adult. Supplements diet with small animals during juvenile growth stage.

Hartwigs are solitary herbivores as adults, but during their adolescence they travel in packs and can be quite vicious. They are very territorial and will defend their feeding grounds from any invaders.

From The Cordelian Chronicles:

The valleys she had seen from the peak opened up towards the horizon. The trappers’ wagon was a few hundred yards away, parked on a dirt road, with its back open. Darl was standing on its roof, holding a gun the size of a bazooka. Menlo was running in Joni’s general direction, yelling something that was lost in the wind. A couple of tall metal poles stood in the ground, but many more were scattered about the grass.

In front of Joni was the hartwig. It lay prone on the ground, stretching a good twelve yards. Its body was tortoise-shaped, but furred and expanding with each breath it took. Out of its body, four pairs of legs protruded in four different directions, slightly kicking. Most of the beast was neck, a yard thick, with several tranquilizer darts sticking out of it. Its face was vaguely catlike and full of teeth; instead of ears it had small rounded plates halfway around its head. A low rumble came from the hartwig’s mouth or belly, Joni couldn’t be sure. It looked dangerous.

And there was Kelly, standing next to the creature’s head, scratching it right above its eyes, as it panted heavily. She shouted to Joni.

“Isn’t she great?”

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