Taxonomic Class: Mammal.
Location: Ebullus Talikpapan.
Habitat: Dry, sclerophyll forests.
Size: Two to four meters long, one to two meters tall.
Diet: Grasses and the leaves of low bushes.

Theradons are large herbivores, found on the coastal plains of the continents of Gelody and Makasar in the ebullus of Talikpapan. They are social animals and gentle creatures, except when defending their young or startled. They were often used in traveling circuses until their listing as a threatened species under the 1956 Panebullic Endangered Species Act (PESA).

From The Cordelian Chronicles:

On the far side stepped a creature about six feet high, followed closely by a second. In size and girth they were reminiscent of rhinoceroses, but with no horns. Their only fur was along their necks and it was very short and black. The first one reared back on its hind legs for a moment, almost like a bear, and snarled. It put its front feet on the fence and crushed it, walking right onto the runway. It returned to all fours and both creatures lumbered towards the girls, about a dozen feet apart.

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