The Cordelian Chronicles

From The Cordelian Chronicles:

“It’s one of the Cordelian shrines,” Menlo answered. “Although it’s run by carnies now.”

“What’s a Cordelian shrine?” asked Joni.

“A shrine the Cordelians used!” shouted Menlo. “Yeah, I guess you wouldn’t know about them. The Cordelians were these young women throughout history…Let me restart. It used to be that some people could use natural gates to see visions, although not anymore apparently. And, over the years, there were many visions involving a young woman who could open up bubbles or bring them crashing down. Actually a whole series of different women. They’re called the Cordelian Chronicles. Once people figured out there was a connection between these different women an order was set up to protect them. The Order of…I’m blanking on the name.”

He looked at Darl.

“The Crescent.”

“Thank you. The Crèscenters. But another order was set up to kill her, because it could be equally argued that she would be the doom of us all. So they kept killing her or saving her, time after time. But another one would eventually appear. Sometimes she was a queen or a kingmaker or a war leader. That’s all ancient history, however; there’s been no verified Josephine in living memory.”

“That we know of,” said Darl.

“I suppose,” said Menlo.

“What are the Prophecies like?” asked Joni.

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