From The Cordelian Chronicles:

“Ha!” Brith laughed. “A man after my own heart and indeed, my subjects and I find ourselves more often the prey than the predator, is that not so, men?”

Brith cheered with his followers and then continued: “My right does indeed extend beyond this circle, despite the fact I have but seventeen summers to my name. I stand before you Theopolis Brithwine Urthinus Wulfstyn. I am Brithwine the Bear to my enemies and Brith to my companions. It is my singular honor to be the youngest son of the 63rd Earl of Avalon. And unless he returns to us in the body, I stand here before you the rightful liege of this land. My power may not presently be that of my ancestors, but, by my troth, it shall be so again!”

More cheers from the crowd.

“But that day is, methinks, not today, and we must be gone from here anon.”

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