Joni Margulis

From The Cordelian Chronicles:

“That’s it!” shouted Malfi.

“What is, Malfi?” asked Brith, amused by his friend’s outburst.

“I have been wracking my brain,” Malfi said, “trying to determine what the maiden Joni reminded me of. The legend of the buckler!”

“And what part does it remind you of? Please, please don’t sing the whole thing.”

Malfi smirked at Brith before speaking.

“When your ancestor, the first earl, was forging it and he saw the girl reflected in its surface. Let me see…I would translate it along the lines of ‘the damsel of beauty ravished/with eyes of amber burnt/and hair of summer night’ and something about her stare transfixing men.”

“‘Beauty ravished’?” Alejandro started laughing.

“Alejandro!” yelled an offended Joni. “Knock it off!”

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